Lockdown Learning

Here's a selection of handpicked resources and tips to help you through the lockdown.

Pop Up Play Village has a lot to offer

Parents across the country continue to juggle home-schooling with work as well as managing all the other household routines. But in the meantime with younger children, help is at hand from Becky Hoare – founder of Pop Up Play Village – the place where imaginations go wild and children learn through play.

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Tips on homeschooling fatigue

If you’ve been using the same area to work in, you child may positively embrace a change of scenery and therefore a change in mindset. If you are in a position to set up their workspace somewhere else in the house. If you can, get outside whilst the weather is good, or stays indorrs too!

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Educational activities available to download

Nest Friends has been designed to teach kids aged between three and five-years-old in a fun educational way about the variety of birds there are across the UK and help them keep track of how many they may see in the garden, while on a walk, or looking out of a window.

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Meet the Bitesize Class of 2020 teachers

Over 150 lessons are being provided every week to children across the UK as the BBC delivers its biggest ever push on education whilst schools are closed due to coronavirus. Each lesson is designed by a teacher, ensuring learning can move on through curriculum led work.

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Is your child anxious?

Writing down thoughts and fears is a great way for parents to understand how their children feel, and a great way of ‘letting out’ the upset. It’s hard to understand this new world or express how they feel during this crazy time, so parenting advisor, Fi Star-Stone decided to create a journal just for them!

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Crafty ideas to entertain

UK based children’s snack company, Fruit Bowl have lots of activities to keep you, and the kids occupied. There’s a whole range of activities for all levels of children's craft ability found on the Crafty Corner page of the Fruit Bowl website. If you’ve got empty egg boxes hanging around, start with Egg Box Todd the Turtle.

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Schooling resources

UK Council for Subject Associations launches directory to support educators. The directory brings together details of 25 subject associations as well as other organisations ranging from the National Association of Head Teachers to the National Governance Association.

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Business lessons for children

Free lessons on business and entrepreneurship for children for 7 - 12 year old children every weekday during COVID-19 lockdown. Live stream daily - Monday - Friday @11am during the COVID-19 lockdown. There will also be crowdfunding for the NHS!

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Blossom Watch 2021

The National Trust is asking people to celebrate the blossom season – emulating Hanami the ancient Japanese tradition of viewing and celebrating blossom as the first sign of spring.

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