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UK Council for Subject Associations launches directory to support educators

A consolidated guide to home schooling resources is available at: www.subjectassociations.org.uk/cfsa-response-to-covid-19

Subject Associations are experiencing a surge in demand for practical resources to support home learning as schools close to all but the children of key workers and move towards online teaching in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In response, the UK Council for Subject Associations (CfSA) has created a new online directory of organisations to guide parents and education professionals in need of specialist resources and support across all subjects.

Following calls from teachers, parents, and the UK Government, subject associations have tailored hundreds of pupil resources for use by parents as standalone materials while retaining links to wider learning programmes. Some of these were made available via BBC Bitesize and other BBC channels on April 20. Meanwhile, associations are providing advice and support to thousands of schools and other education institutions around the world.

In recognition of the need for better information about the support and resources available to heads, teachers, Governors, Initial Teacher Training providers, newly qualified teachers, and other educationalists, the CfSA has also created a comprehensive directory of members and other organisations.

The directory brings together details of 25 subject associations as well as other organisations ranging from the National Association of Head Teachers to the National Governance Association. It details how each organisation assists practitioners in every subject taught in the classroom and supports provision in schools and lists the type of help and professional resources available and how to access them.

The new Subject Association Directory is available at: www.subjectassociations.org.uk/the-cfsa-directory


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