Roadshow for deaf young people arrives in Leicestershire

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Deaf young people in Leicestershire have spent a day trying out flashing doorbells and vibrating alarm clocks as they learnt about all aspects of deafness.

The event, held on Tuesday 9 July, was organised by the National Deaf Children’s Society as part of its Roadshow, an eight ton purple lorry that tours the country and turns into a high-tech classroom.

The Roadshow visited New Parks House in Leicester and held a number of workshops passing on support, advice and information to some of Leicestershire and Rutland’s over 580 deaf children and young people.

The National Deaf Children’s Society also showcased some of the latest technology and equipment available to deaf young people to accompany key skills learnt on the day. This ranged from flashing doorbells and vibrating alarm clocks, to an app that helps make phone calls, enabling deaf young people to be more independent, and special headphones that provide different ways of listening to music.

Steven Gardiner, who works on the National Deaf Children’s Society’s Roadshow and is deaf himself, said:

“We’re travelling the country to help empower deaf young people and raise awareness of deafness among their friends and family, classmates and teachers.

“When a deaf child is struggling with their confidence, independence or communication, a visit from the Roadshow can make a real difference. We want to help everyone understand what it’s like to be deaf and show deaf young people some of the technology and resources available to them.

“Most importantly, we want to remind every deaf young person that they have incredible potential and should be aiming high. With the right support, they can do anything other young people can do.”

For further information please contact the National Deaf Children’s Society Media Team - call 020 7014 1178 or email

• The Roadshow was designed with the help of 100 deaf and hearing children and young people. It is touring the UK to provide information, workshops and resources to deaf and hearing children and young people, their families, teachers and other professionals.
• The workshops are designed to help build deaf children and young people’s independence and confidence in communicating, whilst also informing hearing children of the best ways to communicate with their deaf peers.
The National Deaf Children’s Society
• The National Deaf Children’s Society is the leading charity for the UK’s 50,000 deaf children.
• 34 babies are born deaf every week in the UK – the equivalent of a classful of children. More than 90% have hearing parents, so independent, expert support is a vital lifeline.
• The National Deaf Children’s Society helps deaf children and young people thrive by giving independent expert support to them and their families, and by working with decision-makers and professionals to overcome the barriers that hold deaf children back.
• Deafness is not a learning disability and deaf children can do anything other children can if they are given the right support from the start. We believe that deaf children should be valued and included by society and have the same opportunities as any other child.
• For more information visit For further support, parents can contact our Freephone Helpline on 0808 800 8880 (voice and text), email or chat online at

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