20th November-1st February 2022

Address: Loughborough
Venue: Loughborough Town Hall

Aladdin wishes the Princess would notice him, The Princess wishes she could lead a normal life, Aladdin's mother wishes she could remember what she came in here for...
And there’s something very peculiar about that ancient clapped out rusty thing. (The lamp... not his mother.) Let them whisk you away this Christmas to the town of Shangri-La where the sorcerers are sinister, the caves full of surprises and the genies have been bottling things up for a bit. With spectacular sets, breathtaking special effects, gorgeous costumes and mountains of mayhem, the team behind last year’s smash-hit sell-out Jack and the Beanstalk return to grant all your festive wishes in this action-packed adventure for the whole family. It doesn’t take a genie-us to know one of your three wishes should be to see Aladdin at Loughborough Town Hall.

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