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Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent
By Pen Avey | Publisher: Common Deer Press

Dethbert Jones is your average ten-year-old - only he lives on the planet Crank with his pet chicken-snail, Precious, and his robot best friend Andi Social.

Review: This book is about friends giving advice and sending advice to one another by letter. I liked the book because it was funny.

The book fits into the Science fiction genre because it’s set in the future. The main characters are Dethbert Jones, Andi and Sergeant Megatron 5000 and the action in the book takes place on planets Crank and Blarch! My favourite part of the book is when Dethbert and Andi meet Albert, the Many-Clawed Beastie.

The author describes the characters very well & they are very believable. I also like the author’s writing style too because of all the weird words she uses like ‘Whens?day’ and ‘Duesday’ in place of Wednesday and Tuesday.

I would recommend this book to readers aged 7-11 years.



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