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Goodnight, Mr Panda
By Steve Antony
| Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Mr Panda and his friends are getting ready for bed. But some won't brush their teeth, others won't have a bath, and one won't even wear pyjamas! It's down to Mr Panda to show them how to do bedtime properly. BUY IT ON MAZON

Review: All Mr Panda wants to do is go to bed. Like all good bears, he has a nightly regime before he retires for the evening, his housemates on the other hand…they need a helping paw. Beautifully illustrated, this is a lovely picture book that will have you falling in love with Mr Panda and his hangdog expression or the incredibly sleepy Sloth. Steve Antony keep the language sparse, and in using simple, repeated phrases, it won’t be long until you’re all joining in with the story every time you read it (before bedtime – obviously).

Goodnight, Mr Panda is the perfect bedtime book for your little ones and will help them get into a nightly regime too. It’s almost certainly not the kind of book you should be reading if operating heavy machinery – you’ll barely be able to keep your eyes open by the end! ZZZZZ

Molly Mischief Saves the World
By Adam Hargreaves | Publisher: Pavilion

From the illustrator and author of the hugely successful Mr Men comes the second Molly Mischief tale. Molly is a superhero. She's super-speedy, super-strong and has laser vision. She's Super Molly! And with great powers comes great mischief! BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: At some point in their lives, everyone has wanted to be a Superhero and have loads of super powers. Picking just one is quite tricky though…what would you have?

Molly seems to be an ordinary little girl. She hates doing chores – like everybody – but she does them, badly, and only manages to annoy her parents [Tip for children – doing chores badly doesn’t get you out of doing them. We’ve all tried that plan and it doesn’t work].

When she turns into Super-Molly things are very different. As a devilishly disguised Superhero who has loads of superpowers, Molly can do her chores (properly) in lightning quick time, and also manages to save the world. Because that’s what Superheroes do!

But is being a Superhero all it’s cracked up to be? Molly soon finds out.

Written by Adam Hargreaves, the author of the Mr Men series (along with his father Roger) Molly Mischief Saves The World is a fun book for children and adults too, and there’s some neat little jokes hidden in the illustrations that will give parents a wry grin.

For the record – here at Primary Times, we’d have time travel as our superpower.


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