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The Painting-In Book: 30 Paint and Play Activities 
By Anna Rumsby | Publisher: Laurence King

Can you give the gorilla a jungle to hide in? Can you create some honeycomb for the bees? And can you mix up some delicious flavours of ice cream? Create paint masterpieces, with nothing more than your poster paints and Anna Rumsby's entertaining activity pages. A great big book of painting fun! Also contains an introduction to mixing colours and simple, easy-to-copy painting techniques. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: This book is huge! It has pictures on each page so it's not a normal colouring book. It also teaches you how to mix colours. My sister also loves this colouring book. I only wish there were more pizza pages in this book. 

Cooks & Kids 3
By by Gregg Wallace
 | Published by: Graffeg 

A recipe book with a difference, featuring children teaming up with top chefs to re-create their favourite recipes. A great way to get kids involved in the kitchen and teach them about cooking and healthy eating while at the same time making cooking fun. With easy-to-follow recipes, full instructions and colour photographs to help you on your way. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: Mum always watches Master Chef so she was very happy that I got this book. This is my second recipe book. There are 5o recipes in this book so I'm not sure I will try them all. I made my pizza last night with mum and thought it smelt and tasted delicious. I give it 5 Stars. 

Gruffalo Crumble and Other Recipes
By Julia Donaldson
 | Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Is your tummy beginning to rumble? Make your own owl ice cream, scrambled snake and roasted fox, and of course . . . Gruffalo crumble! With twenty-four recipes specially designed for adults to use with children, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and lots of hints and tips on what to do next, Gruffalo Crumble and Other Recipes is a great way to introduce Gruffalo fans to cooking and baking. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: I really like this book. I havn't had it for long but me and my dad have already made toadstool pizza, swirly snails and fox sandwiches. Fox sandwiches are my favourite. 

Where, Oh Where, is Rosie's Chick?
By Pat Hutchins
 | Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Rosie has lost her baby chick. She looks under the hen house. She looks behind the wheelbarrow. But little baby chick isn't there. But watch out Rosie - there's someone following you, and it's not just your baby chick! The funny sequel to the much-loved and bestselling Rosie's Walk, with the same element of danger and surprise that children so enjoy. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: I enjoyed reading the words as they were not too hard and it wasn't too long.

Mum's thoughts: This is a great book! It's perfect length and uses a good mix of words at his level of reading. Highly recommend.

Please Mr Panda
By Steve Antony | Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Panda has a tray of doughnuts. Animal after animal tells him the one they want, but it's only when Lemur says 'please' politely that Panda will give any out! A witty and stylish lesson that manners will get you EVERYTHING. Even a tray load of doughnuts. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: Me and my aunty read this book twice. First she read the book then I read the book. I really liked the ending as Mr Panda ended up giving all his doughnuts away.  

Say it Like a Snake
By Lucy Morse
 | Published by: Tia Publishing 

This beautiful 32 page picture book tells the story of a girl named Sue
who couldn't say her S's. With the help of Sam the snake she learns a rhyme that teaches her a great way to overcome her problem. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: This book had really good pictures of the zoo, but I didn't like this book as much as the other books I read.

There's a Lion in My Cornflakes
By Michelle Robinson

Have you ever collected coupons from a cereal box? Maybe you were saving them up for a book or a toy. Well, when Dan and his brother decide to collect 100 coupons so that they can have their very own lion, they assume the task will be easy enough. How wrong can you be?! BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: I love this book. Me and my mum read it before I go to bed and we always laugh. I especially like the crocodiles in this book.

Cantankerous King Colin
By Phil Allcock | Publisher: Maverick Arts Publishing

King Colin is naughty, grumpy, lazy, silly and grumpy but he is king so
he'll do what he likes! But he'll discover that even a king can't get away with everything. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: It's about a grumpy king. It was a funny book but also made me angry, he was
naughty and didn't do anything! We read this book over and over again at bedtime. I loved it.

Happy Hooves, Ta Dah! 
By Anna Bogie 
| Publisher: Fat Fox Books Ltd 

Donkey has a dream about a trip to the beach. He calls to his friends and they begin their journey to the sea and the sand. But how will they cross the terrifying cattle grid that lays ahead? Happy Hooves, Ta Dah! is the first book in a series of tales about the exciting and funny adventures of five hoofed friends who use the power of teamwork and friendship to overcome challenges. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: This book is about a donkey and his friends going to the beach. In the book a cow is scared to cross over but he gets help from his friends. I really liked this book as I like going to the beach with my friends. Mummy liked the pictures. 

The Diggers and Trucks Colouring Book
By Chris Dickason | Publisher: Buster Books

Any child who loves trucks and diggers will enjoy being transported through this amazing colouring book. Jam-packed with exciting things, it's guaranteed to put boredom in reverse. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: I really like this book. I bring it with me when I visit my friends. It’s fun to colour the pictures. Girls might like it but I think it’s more of a boys book.

Hocus Pocus Diplodocus: The World's First Ever Magician
By Steve Howson
 | Publisher: Maverick Arts Publishing

Hocus P. Diplodocus is not like other dinosaurs, he is the world's first magician! The story of the world's first magician and how the dinosaurs disappeared! BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: This book is very funny. I like to read it before I go to bed. It has a dinosaur in it who can do magic with his tail!  

Mungo Monkey goes to School 
By Lydia Monks | Publisher: Egmont

Join Mungo Monkey and his friends in Miss Raffy's class at school: the second adventure in this brilliant pre-school series by Julia Donaldson's award-winning illustrator, Lydia Monks. Today the class are learning about bugs! Lift the flaps to help everyone find some creepy-crawlies and then play hide-and-seek with Mungo's spider.

Review: I have just started school so I liked this book. I am scared of spiders so I didn’t like the spider. This book is fun to play with.  

Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book
By Johanna Basford
 | Publisher: Laurence King

This stunning new colouring book by Johanna Basford takes readers on a inky quest through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle at its heart. As well as drawings to complete, colour and embellish, there are hidden objects to be found along the way including wild flowers, animals and birds, gems, lanterns, keys and treasure chests. Beginning at the entrance to the forest, the journey progresses through woodland, rocky caves and tree-lined mazes, over streams and a waterfall, across the trees tops, to finally reach the castle. Also hidden throughout the book are nine symbols. Readers must find all the symbols to unlock the castle door at the end of the quest and discover what lies within. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: My mum and I really like this book. Since I got it we colour in it every day. It's not an easy book to colour but the pictures are great. I like the magic dragon best but there are other animals like rabbits and frogs to colour.

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