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By David Baddeil
 | Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks

From David Baddiel, the brightest new star of children’s books and winner of the LOLLIES award, comes a laugh-out-loud adventure for every child who ever wondered what it might be like to be a bit of an animal… BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: Malcom doesn’t like animals. But the trouble is his family absolutely adore them (so much that they have to go to the zoo every Sunday!). So Malcom doesn’t think anything can get worse when he ends up with a Chinchilla for his birthday, but when he goes on a residential to a farm things change. They just get worse and worse….

I really loved this book because it is funny, heart-warming and most of all inspiring. I hope everybody (especially children!) love it as much as I did.


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