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Shakespeare (Explore!) 
By Jane Bingham
 | Publisher: Wayland

Explore the life and times of William Shakespeare, 400 years after his death, with this immersive photographic book. As the world's most famous playwright and his plays are still popular today! This book looks at what life was like in Tudor England, where Shakespeare grew up, delves into what the busy theatres of the time were really like. It also reveals which of Shakespeare's characters Queen Elizabeth I liked best!

Read about the different types of play Shakespeare wrote and how he was influenced by the wider world, what it was like to be a Shakespearean actor and find out how to make your own model theatre! BUY IT ON AMAZON

Mum's thoughts: We looked through this book as a family.  Both Charlotte and Bethany liked the pictures and were interested in the facts in the book.  They have had back stage tours at our local theatre, so was nice to reaffirm some of their previous learning whilst looking at the Globe Theatre.  This is a well laid out book and is well placed for primary aged children - allowing them to explore the facts and giving things to build on if they wish.  There is some history about Shakespeare's time and the monarchs on the throne, of which Charlotte has a keen interest in the Royal Family so fits in nicely.

Princess Phoebe Meets the Tudors
By Sammy Winward
 | Publisher: Candy Jar Books

In Princess Phoebe Meets the Tudors, Sammy Winward presents a historically accurate snapshot of Tudor princesses, accessible to younger readers. The book presents female characters as strong and self aware, balanced with the awfulness of Tudor life. Beautifully illustrated by Eric Heyman Princess Phoebe Meets the Tudors collects the stories of Anne Boleyn, Jane Grey, Mary I and Elizabeth I, and presents them in an accessible way for the twenty-first century readers. Along the way Phoebe discovers that female empowerment is not just a modern day phenomenon. As she travels through the fourth dimension she collects lessons from history on how to be a truly great princess. Sammy's book magically divulges the secrets of all these princesses, right up to the bitter end! BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: It's great. Phoebe goes to a magical place where she can see what happened in the past. I have learned about some of the Kings and Queens and been looking at the Royal Family tree.

Mum's thoughts: Although there is a lot to take in, there are little illustrations for a bit of fun in the book. It gives a good perspective into main Tudor characters and Charlotte has an interest in the current Royal family anyway, so we have been researching things online. The only drawback as with anything in history, is that it is an interpretation of how the characters were, so this may need to be explained to children.

My Little Pony Ultimate Factivity Collection 
By DK | Published by: DK Children

Perfect for keeping little hands busy during rainy days or holidays My Little Pony Ultimate Factivity Collection is packed with facts and activities created especially for My Little Pony fans. Kids will meet My Little Pony characters and play My Little Pony games. They can follow the adventures of Pinkie Pie and her friends filling in the activities and games on the page - there's no need for any extra paper! From colouring and drawing to puzzles and stickers, My Little Pony Ultimate Factivity Collection is great fun for fans - all you need is a pencil.

HASBRO and its logo, MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Charlotte - It was great.  I liked popping the stickers in.

Bethany - Amazing!  I like doing the stickers and looking at the stories and the ponies.

Mum - As this book as loads of stickers, they are still working through the activities so would be great value for money (especially in comparison with comics etc which are over and done with so quickly).  I think most of the new ponies are in there so very current and up to date with writing challenges and other activities to develop children’s' skills.

My World Doc McStuffins
By DK | Published by: DK Children

DK's My World: Doc McStuffins follows a day in the life of Disney's most junior doctor as she cares for her magical toys.

With colourful images, engaging activities and lively style DK'sMy World: Doc McStuffins teaches kids important early life skills, such as eating healthily, brushing their teeth and caring for themselves and those around them. Copyright © 2015 Disney. BUY IT ON AMAZON

Review: I liked this book.  It was fun helping with the stickers.

Mum's thoughts: This is a really nicely presented book, and after the stickers have been used up it gives a nice reference guide for further reading.  Although it is a more basic book, Charlotte still had fun helping Bethany with the stickers.

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