Outdoor Classroom Day 2017

On May 18th a massive annual initiative to get half a million children across the world learning and playing outside of their classroom will take place. Children in the UK will join schools from all over the world- celebrating ‘Outdoor Classroom Day.’

Obviously the outdoors is for every day not just Outdoor Classroom Day - but what better way for your child’s school to raise awareness of the importance of teaching and learning in the natural environment, than taking part in an international movement?

Learning inside a classroom is a well established part of the day-to-day school routine, but have you ever stopped to think about how much time your child gets outside in the school day?

Getting outdoors is not just good for health and wellbeing- it also has strong links to improved attention and concentration, increased productivity and learning, better behaviour and more positive teacher/pupil relationships.

Learning outdoors in regular contact with nature should not be a ‘nice to have’ in your child’s curriculum. It should be a regular day-to-day entitlement.

Outdoor Classroom Day- led by Project Dirt and working with Unilever’s ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign- is a great way to help your local school to understand this and to take that step to offer their pupils the richness of a natural curriculum in the living textbook of the outdoors.

All participants in Outdoor Classroom Day will have access to a wide range of materials and resources to help them get outside. Put together by industry professionals, working together for the first time to promote this amazing initiative, these resources will inspire, encourage and provide a safe and supportive framework for teachers and schools to get outside more.

Parents and teachers can easily sign their school up, and download resources for Outdoor Classroom Day by using the following link: www.outdoorclassroomday.org.uk

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