Educating young minds and discussing ‘Why Money Matters’ with Deborah Meaden…

Primary Times talks to Deborah Meaden, highly successful Entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den Investor, about the release of her unmissable new children’s book ‘Why Money Matters’.

As a beautifully illustrated and inspiring non-fiction journey that teaches about all things money-related, the book is perfect for curious readers aged 6-9 and financially-savvy families. We spoke with Deborah about her strong business background and asked about what we can expect from ‘Why Money Matters’…

Where did your passion for business and finance come from and will children relate to this?

I always wanted to have my own business. I set up my first flower stall at age seven and I never played another profession. Business is a great way to build the life that you want and my mother worked really hard to build a happy life for us, so I had a very good example set for me. I really hope that children do relate to it.

Were you curious about money as a child?

Absolutely! We didn’t have a lot then and without knowing it, it taught me the value of money. I want to give children the best chance in life early enough so that they can make the best of their money and understand the good and bad things that can come from it.

What made you want to write for children?

I think that you need to teach children the true value of money quite early on, as well as how to manage it. Learning that is really important.

Which part of ‘Why Money Matters’ might readers find most useful?

The history of money is fascinating but the useful part comes from understanding the difference between needs and wants, and the choices that you can make with your money.

How does it feel being able to educate young minds on money-related topics?

I’ve spent my life in business and around money, and it can do fantastic things to help other people. For me, I feel very honoured to be in this position and to have a voice to hopefully help the next generation use their money to build a good life.

For children interested in finance or parents considering starting their own business, what advice would you give them?

Being in business is not for everyone but some people just have a passion for it. The first thing is to work out if there is a real market for your idea. It’s so important to check that there is a big enough market first.

Has the overall process creating ‘Why Money Matters’ been enjoyable?

I’ve absolutely loved writing the book! It’s forced me to simplify what can feel like quite a complicated subject and it’s boiled down the fundamentals for me as well. The book is very focused on the need to know and I hope my language is accessible too.

Can we look out for any other children’s books or projects from you in the future?

I hope so! Let’s see how well this one goes! I would very much like to move through the ages and write for slightly older children or teenagers too because I have really enjoyed it.

Why Money Matters’ by Deborah Meaden and illustrated by Hao Hao is published on the 6th July by Red Shed, as part of the new Little Experts series.

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