Choosing the right party venue

Now that the mad rush of Christmas and New Year’s is over, this quiet period is a great time to start thinking about and planning your child’s birthday party. There’s so much think about that it can be a little overwhelming and difficult even to know where to start. That’s why Primary Times have put together some thoughtful tips to help you plan, starting with how to choose the perfect venue!

Convenience and Access
First of all, you’ll want to choose a venue that’s not too far out from the area where you and most of your guests live. The further away it is, the more likely it’ll be that people aren’t able to fit the travel into their schedule.

Age-Appropriate for Your Guest List
While your first priority is going to be to make sure that the birthday boy or girl has a great time, don’t forget your other guests, too! For example, If the party is for a 6-year-old, but there are going to be lots of baby cousins in the toddler age bracket attending, a soft play centre that has spaces for both younger and older children will be more ideal than say, a bowling alley. Likewise, if you’re going to be joined by lots of older relatives, try to think about if there’s going to be adequate seating for them.

An Inclusive Service
If you don’t have a lot of time or resources to organise every element of the party by yourself, finding a venue that provides an inclusive service is going to be hugely beneficial to you. Some venues will decorate, theme, cater and even provide the party bags or the invitations within their party service package. It’s worth shopping around to see who offers the most!

Food and Drink
If you know that one or more guests that will be attending have special dietary requirements, check that the venue you like can cater for this or at least be flexible with letting you bring your own separate food and drink options for those guests.

An Affordable Option
Of course, money matters too. You may want the best for your little one on their big day, but it’s sensible to work out an affordable budget and check venues against each other for the best price before you book. To make the party more pocket-friendly, you can opt to ask for less service inclusion and do a few things yourself. You could save money on free DIY e-vites rather than printed and posted invitations – or bake your own cake!

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