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Having access to ballet education can enrich the lives of young people in so many ways. In a ballet class, children develop physical skills like strength, coordination, balance and agility. When ballet is taught creatively, children learn through movement, develop their creative and critical thinking, collaborative and social skills, and enjoy enhanced mental and physical wellbeing. They also gain an introduction to the world of dance creation and performance, opening up possibilities for future involvement in the arts.

The Royal Ballet School has long been committed to widening access to ballet education. Now, a new programme, Primary Steps on Demand, makes the School’s unique expertise available to all primary school-aged children across the UK for the very first time. The programme takes a creative approach to teaching ballet, with a strong emphasis on developing students’ creativity and independent thinking skills. Teachers are given everything they need to deliver high-quality ballet education in their schools, whether they’ve taught dance before or not!

Victoria Collinson, The Royal Ballet School’s Primary Steps and Associate Programme Artistic Manager, tells us: ‘Learning should be fun, so a Primary Steps on Demand class will always contain ample opportunities for children to experience the pure joy of dance. We’re creating an environment where young people can develop physically, emotionally and intellectually. This rounded, whole-person development is one of the greatest gifts that dance can give.’

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Primary Steps on Demand
Programme content is split into two levels, for seven to nine-year-olds and nine to 11-year-olds. Exploring Ballet classes develop ballet knowledge and dance skill; Exploring the Curriculum classes provide experiential learning in specific curriculum areas. Classes include themes like the universe, light and shadow, evolution and art, and many more. There is also a series of short exercise videos with warm-ups, cooldowns and cardio blasts.

Classes are led by a Royal Ballet School Primary Steps teacher and accompanied by a musician, with students demonstrating for inspiration. Each class comes with a full lesson plan and pupil resources to support teaching and learning. The programme has been carefully designed to be accessible to all, including those with special educational needs or physical disabilities.

Completely flexible, the programme is delivered via The Royal Ballet School’s Video on Demand platform, so educators can choose when, where and how to use the content. Teachers will be provided with tutorials and advice to accompany the classes, and will also have the opportunity to join Zoom CPD sessions where they’ll be guided to make best use of the programme content, including adapting material for their students’ needs. Schools will receive ongoing support directly from The Royal Ballet School as they need it.

Registration for Primary Steps on Demand is now open.

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