Secrets to getting your child to beat the bugs with Haliborange!

Everyone knows that as soon as your child goes back to school, they seem to encounter every single bug there is! One of the most important ways to ward off those annoying colds and flu symptoms is to make sure your child’s immune system is working efficiently. Our top tips below will help them to fight off as many bugs as possible!


Make your child’s diet a bug fighting diet!

It all starts with a healthy diet. Make sure your child is getting a varied diet which includes plenty of whole foods including fresh fruit and veg, nuts, seeds, good fats and lean proteins. Vitamin D and Vitamin C are especially important for supporting the immune system. Try to include immune boosting foods which contain high levels of these vitamins such as eggs, oily fish, dark green leafy vegetables, and berries – delicious and healthy!

Is your child getting enough sleep?

Children typically need between 10 – 14 hours’ sleep. Many children are simply just not getting enough! Lack of sleep can lower a child’s immune system, leaving them more exposed to germs and bacteria. When children are overtired and overstimulated, they find it difficult to get to sleep. Steering clear of TV and computers an hour before bedtime is a great tool to help get them in a mood to sleep.

Is your child getting enough exercise?

Regular exercise is to be encouraged for general health and wellbeing. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day and make it fun for your child. Skipping, football, running, cycling and even hide and seek are all types of exercise that can work wonders. You may even enjoy yourself too!

Is your child having fun?

Ever heard the phrase “Laughter is often the best medicine”? well it’s not just a saying, there is some science behind it too! Laughter reduces stress and increases the feel-good hormone called endorphins. So, find as many ways as possible to have some belly laughs together!

Try Haliborange! Trusted by parents. Loved by Kids.

Haliborange is a trusted, family-oriented brand with a long heritage of providing innovative solutions for the family’s health protection. The Haliborange range contains supplements specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of children at every stage. Whether you are looking to support your child’s healthy brain function with omega-3 nutrients or have concerns about helping to maintain their bone or immune health, there is a Haliborange supplement tailored to your child’s needs. The supplements in the range offer a selection of great tasting flavours including strawberry, orange and blackcurrant which children love. And because every child is different, Haliborange offers a range of formats including liquids, chewable tablets, capsules and Softies so that you can find the supplement best suited to your child.

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