Calling all Schools - Powder Paint is back!

The demise of the UK’s last children’s powder paint manufacturer earlier this year has left many schools and nursery cupboards bare of the favourite paint medium. Used in most establishments for decades this simple versatile paint has been behind many of the masterpieces hanging on fridge doors and walls throughout the land. Mixed  with varying amounts of water to produce a light wash to a thick paste,  this powder can be used with PVA glue to produce a gloss finish, glitter, and sand for a textured finish.


A chance meeting between  Andy Bentham 36 years at Calder Colours (Ocaldo Brand) and Glenn Hood director at Dalton Manor Ltd, has now seen production start once again. With over 100 years’ experience between them Andy and his team are working flat out to produce the required colours.

Glenn and his team are now the sole supplier and handle all sales and enquires for UK and international orders. Andy is now producing a more vibrant powder to Dalton Manors requirements.

Schools, nurseries, mums, dads and grandparents are all getting in touch and to date we have been able to fulfil all orders large or small.

A decision between Glenn and Andy to remove plastic tubs as packaging has been wholeheartedly welcomed by our customers.

Now boxed and bagged, the cardboard and paper packaging are fully recyclable. Using over 50,000 less plastic tubs per annum, is not only good for the environment but our children’s and the planet’s future.

The colour range has been extended to 24 colours including 6 fluorescent and available in quantities from 100gm to 10kg boxes there are  pack size and colour sizes to suit all requirements.

Production  coloured sand has also resumed and is available in 6 standard and 6 fluorescent colours.

Throwing powder (colour run powder) is available in limited quantities and full production starts in February 2022.

PLEASE NOTE POWDER PAINT SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A THROWING POWDER, THERE IS A VAST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO POWDERS. If you are looking to hold an event Dalton Manor can help you with quantities, and organisation for these great fun days.

For more information or to order any of our products please contact Dalton Manor directly on 0191 4194379 email or visit the website

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