Walter the Whale and his Plastic Tale.

Upset by the images of the plight of marine life caught up in dis-guarded fishing ghost nets and dying due to high volumes of plastic waste in the ocean, mum Marie came up with a story about a cute little whale and his adventure with an old fishing net tale.

As she began to piece together the story her son James began to creatively illustrate all of the book’s beautiful underwater scenes and characters. Working together really eased the boredom of lockdown for them both.

Set over 28 pages of beautifully illustrated ocean scenes, the book’s aim is to engage and educate children about the threat to whales like Walter caused by single use plastics.

Poor little Walter is an unsuspecting whale who gets caught out by an old fishing net tail! His fate looks grim and his luck’s running out until he’s saved by a boy with his dad and his boat! The book is a classic tale about the importance of considering the effect non-biodegradable waste has on our natural world. This story is aimed at children in a sensitive approach to what is a serious issue.

This tale demonstrates to youngsters that they have the power to individually make a difference and encourages them to shop smart for products that are kind to the environment as well as to think carefully about how they dis-guard their litter. The main message of the book is to help keep the beaches clean and the oceans clear so that whales like Walter have nothing to fear! Mum, Marie believes that if it wasn’t for the lockdown the book never would’ve come to life.

The pandemic offered the unique opportunity for them both to work together to achieve something wonderful that they can be proud of and more importantly will help to encourage children to change the way they think about plastic waste. You can find out more at

Recommended reading age - 3 - 8 but will be loved by everyone!

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