How to Have The Best Staycation

With Covid-19 putting us off our holiday plans this year, what better way to have fun and keep your children entertained this summer than to have a ‘staycation’ – your very own holiday at home!

Choose Your Destination

Are you a family seeking adventure in the great outdoors? Then camping will be for you!

A tent is the most crucial part of this destination spot. A standard four-person tent from retailers such as Amazon can cost as little as £40, and pitching it up in your own back garden could be a lot of fun. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative, building a tent in your living room with pillows and blankets can be just as effective.

A great activity to do on your camping holiday is a nature walk. Whether it’s in your own garden or the local park, searching for plants and wildlife in your area can be a fun exploration for all the family. Try looking up the things you find on your journey online, have a checklist of all the birds and insects you can spot, or take a quiz at the end for an added educational benefit.

For snacks on your holiday, get creative with healthy alternatives. If you want to set up a campfire, look into roasting more than just marshmallows and sausages. Firm fruit such as pineapple, peaches, and strawberries can be cut into pieces and roasted on the fire with a drop of lemon juice poured on to keep them from going brown.

Perhaps you want your family to soak up some culture on holiday? Then you should try being a tourist in your own town!

Travelling to your local tourist information centre or looking in the Primary Times will provide you with many tourist attraction options to consider. From roaming around museums, to eating your local cuisine, to wandering around areas you’ve never seen before. Every new experience will make it seem you’re in an entirely new town.

Making a list of all the places you’d like to see during your hometown trip will allow you to make the holiday as educational and inexpensive as you’d prefer, and will make sure it’s a day full of activities.

Why not go the extra tourist mile by taking selfies outside architecture, ask locals for directions, and even write some postcards to friends and family telling them all about your fun-filled staycation.

Maybe you would prefer a relaxing retreat? Then why not transform your home into a spa resort?

Staying in your slippers and dressing gown all day long is a must for this holiday destination. For a fully relaxing staycation, designate a room in your house as your ‘treatment room’. Decorate this room however you’d like; maybe with dimmed lights, candles and relaxing music. Then put on your facial mask, paint your nails, add cucumbers to your eyes and relax.

To keep everyone entertained throughout the day, craft some themed paper decorations, spa tokens and origami paper fans together. You could even place a paddling pool in the garden as your spa pool and have a tea party at lunchtime.

To go the extra mile at your spa resort, follow any of these easy homemade facial mask recipes:

The Cocoa Mask

1. Mash up a quarter of an avocado and place in a small bowl

2. Add in one tablespoon of cocoa powder and one tablespoon of honey, mixing well

3. Apply the mask to clean skin and keep on for 10 minutes

4. Wash off with warm water

The Citrus Mask

1. Combine three tablespoons of orange juice with a quarter cup of honey

2. Apply the mask lightly over clean skin and keep on for 15 minutes

3. Wash off with warm water

The Buttery Mask

1. Mix half a cup of buttermilk with two tablespoons of yogurt

2.Leave on for no longer than two hours

3. Wash off with warm water

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