Are Schools Out For Summer?

The coronavirus pandemic affected primary school children hugely, with evidence showing a 20% drop in reading and writing scores. Now schools have re-opened in England, it looks like children will need catch-up lessons to reach their age-related expectations.

The latest primary education news has revealed that primary school children (aged 5-7) were the worst group affected by the pandemic. According to the Juniper Education report, primary school children are falling behind their age-related expectations. Even with schools in England reopening, this might not be enough learning support for children to get back on track.

The report took data from over 6000 primary schools, finding that only 60% of year 1 pupils had reached their age-related expectations in maths and writing skills.

This is not to say that primary school teachers did not work tirelessly, rather that it was harder for young children to stay engaged online. Homeschooling has not yet been mastered, with many parents and teachers lacking the resources to recreate a virtual classroom. Suffice to say, the education system was not prepared for a national lockdown!

Usually, schools out for summer for 6 weeks, but this might be a great time for primary school children to catch-up on what they lost pre-pandemic.

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Now that parents and kids have spent a year familiarising themselves with the virtual learning environment, hiring an online tutor could be the boost your child needs to improve their maths and english skills.

One great site to find personalised 1:1 tuition is Tutor House — leaders in the field of virtual learning. Despite the current issues in primary education, your children can still reach their target grades and beyond with summer catch-up lessons. They match you with your perfect Maths tutor or English tutor, with expert primary school teachers.

There’s still a lot of concern about keeping children safe in education, therefore private tuition really is the best of both worlds. For parents wearing all the hats — from being a chef to a teacher! — enlisting an affordable online tutor means that you can regain balance. It’s also helpful to know that your child is in capable hands, whilst learning from the comfort and safety of their own home.



Written by Naida Allen

Naida is a witty wordsmith with a love for writing and reading. She is a Content Writer and Social Media Expert at Tutor House — the top UK provider of online and in-person tuition. She specialises in topics relating to mental & physical wellbeing and career advice.

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