BookTrust’s Pyjamarama Day – 14th May 2021

Hosting the perfect Pyjamarama day

Are you looking for some fun and engaging ways to get pupils excited about reading? BookTrust’s Diana Gerald has some advice for schools on hosting Pyjamarama, a day to celebrate reading whilst raising money to ensure that every child gets a bedtime story.

On 14th May 2021, BookTrust’s Pyjamarama returns for the third year running. Pyjamarama is all about getting children excited about reading, and fundraising to make sure that every child gets a bedtime story. BookTrust is inviting children around the country, in schools and nurseries, and at home, to spend a day reading, enjoying and sharing stories, all in the comfort of their pyjamas, in return for a £1 donation to help make sure no child misses out on their bedtime story. get books to children who are missing out on a bedtime story. This year we have made Pyjamarama bigger and better with more activities, tips and ideas to encourage the children in your class to read.

Sharing stories both at school and at home is a fantastic way to help children build social skills and resilience and supports communication skills, language development, confidence and mental health, which is even more important given the difficulties of the last year. At BookTrust we’re all too aware of the negative impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on children and families: our insight suggests that many are reading less and have struggled to access books.

BookTrust has been working hard with our partners to send books and resources to those who need it the most, but there is always more that can be done. That’s why we’re asking children across the country, at school or at home to don their pyjamas on 14th May and donate £1 to BookTrust so that we can help all children have access to books and stories because reading really does changes lives.

To give teachers a helping hand, BookTrust has put together some special tips and advice for a fun-filled day in pyjamas.

Ways to get creative with your pupils on Pyjamarama day

Ask each pupil to design a front cover, come up with a title and storyline for a new book. They could even have a go at writing an intriguing first chapter. You can also find a book cover activity sheet to photocopy and use on our website.

Fundraising ideas  

In addition to asking your pupils to donate a £1 each for the opportunity to come to school in their pyjamas on 14th May, there are lots of other ways you can fundraise to help BookTrust get books to children who are missing out on a bedtime story.

There are lots of ways to make fundraising fun and easy for everyone. 
The inspiration and tips above are a starter for 10 but be as imaginative as you like in coming up with your own!

How to take part in Pyjamarama?

To host your own Pyjamarama day in your school or nursery and help more children have access to stories and to reading, visit to register for your FREE fundraising pack. 

About BookTrust
BookTrust is dedicated to getting children reading because we know that children who read are happier, healthier, more empathetic and more creative. Their early language development is supported and they also do better at school.


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