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The Chronicles of Atom & Luna -  from BBC6 Poet in Residence Murray Lachlan Young

At the heart of everything we do as Funnelwick Limb’ said BBC6 Poet in Residence MURRAY LACHLAN YOUNG ‘are stories - we tell them in any way we can. So our latest project The Chronicles of Atom & Luna has started as an interactive AR fairy tale (think Hans Christian Anderson meets Pokemon Go) and as a series of audio tales.

We want to inspire & enable children to get lost in language, learn how to create their own stories & develop a love for live performance,continued Murray. ‘And that’s why we’ve released our free schools’ resources for the project.’

The Chronicles of Atom & Luna tells the story of twins, Atom & Luna. Home alone, they are saved from starvation by the arrival of their magical child minder, Iffly Sney. But Iffly falls terribly ill and only the twins can save him by seeking out the mysterious Old Mother Redbeard. It’s a journey that will change their lives forever.

Project Director, Nina Hajiyianni (Artistic Director of Action Transport Theatre), said ‘It’s so important to us that we make our stories with children, and that’s where the schools’ resources come in. Everything the children create and send to us; we’ll use to inspire us in the developing story of Atom & Luna.’

The resources have been developed in line with the 2014 National Curriculum by Assistant Headteacher at Brightlingsea Primary School and Nursery, Emily Smith. The scheme aims to fire young people’s imaginations, instil a love of language & encourage creative story-telling.

Emily said, Having worked with Murray in school, I’ve been delighted to work with the team to create these educational resources. We tested them pre-lockdown and it was fantastic to see our young people engage with Murray and all the tasks, creating poems, maps, spell recipes and drawings – and all the time learning about what makes a good story!’

The sessions follow the creative process in making the Augmented Reality. Each session is based around a short video task set by the creative team, backed up with worksheets and teaching suggestions. At the end, pupils are encouraged to play the AR themselves (playable on Android phones and Apple iPhone and iPads).

Thanks to funding from Arts Council of England the teaching resources are available for free here , and the AR integrated fairy tale (commissioned by The Space) can be downloaded here




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