Exercise that won't feel like exercise with Zedbugs

We all know how important it is to get our children away from the TV Screen, computer screen and tablet, but sometimes that is easier said than done! The Zedbug ride on scooter is ideal for giving your child something fun to do, outside! The rhythmic swing of the handlebars gets them moving and developing their balance and motor skills, all while having too much fun to realise they are exercising! Get your child moving and playing outside with the cool new sit on scooter, the Zedbug.

Fun but safe!
Zedbugs are designed to be ground-hugging sit on scooters, which give the sensation of great speed, whilst preventing the risk of a fall from a bigger height. They are cool and different and stand out from the crowd, compared to standard scooters. They do not require batteries, pedals or motors and movement is created simply by swinging the handlebar from side to side with the hands and feet, on any hard and reasonably level indoor or outdoor surface.

See how they work

To place your order or to find out more visit www.zedbugs.co.uk or contact Zedbugs on 07980 908 264, email info@zedbugs.co.uk.

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