Wear A Hat Day is back, taking place on Friday 26th March 2021!

Calling all children, parents, teachers and primary schools across the country: register for Wear A Hat Day 2021 on Friday 26th March to help find a cure for brain tumours. After the very challenging year, we know that is perfectly timed to become a huge event, bringing hope and inspiring the nation like never before!

Wear A Hat Day is great for schools – a perfect way to engage pupils, teachers and parents in an enjoyable day of creativity and fundraising.

Organise a hat-themed bake sale, hold a ‘create your own hat’ competition, lay on a hattastic fashion show, or plan hat-themed lessons. Or why not use our new pin badges to teach pupils about key workers and get them to make their own key worker hats?

Plan to get the whole school involved to maximise your fundraising and above all, have great fun and make brilliant memories.

Celebrating key workers
This year we are celebrating key workers and sharing the stories of key worker families who, despite having their own devastating brain tumour connections, are determined to show the joy that is being involved in Wear A Hat Day. We’ve also developed six new pin badges representing key workers’ hats.

When you register, you’ll be able to choose if you want a box of badges to sell at your school, and we’ll show you how to order any additional Wear A Hat Day merchandise items.

Sign up here www.wearahatday.org for your free fundraising pack.

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