Reading Practice App Helps With Literacy Challenge

Help is on hand for primary schools facing a children’s literacy challenge as digital brand, Auris Tech (, roll out their Fonetti platform for Schools portal, to primary schools across the country.

Fonetti (, the children’s reading practice platform, is both an App for home use and now, for entire schools.

It listens to children, in real time, as they read aloud and reports back their reading frequency, accuracy and the time spent reading, to teachers and or parents.

Approved by The Department for Education, the Fonetti App empowers children to practise their reading skills and improve their literacy. 

It allows teachers to allocate and manage children’s reading by class or individual pupil and, as it is 100% digital, there is no need for multiple copies of books or the difficulties of sanitising, issues.

And, because it can show the true state of literacy standards in pupils, it can  help educators to direct tailored, efficient, decisions on where to target valuable resources.

Says Kim Antoniou, Founder/CEO of Auris Tech/Fonetti, “ I am a total advocate for literacy and with first hand experience of having two dyslexic children, both of whom dreaded the thought of reading aloud to anyone, it has become my passion to help children, their teachers and parents, to engender a love of reading and the confidence to be able to read aloud; a true life skill.

“ To this end, Auris Tech/Fonetti is supporting primary learners’ reading by providing Fonetti’s valuable resources to schools, free of charge for the rest of the current term.”

In further support, as part of the businesses campaign entitled ’12 stories of Christmas’, celebrities were recruited to each read a story a day, from the extensive Fonetti library – which includes titles from Enid Blyton and Martin Roberts ‘The Villes’ series.  To thank them, each celebrity was able to nominate a primary school close to their hearts, to have a free annual subscription to the Fonetti platform.  These schools are in the process of receiving their packages.

Any school interested in learning more about the Fonetti schools portal platform should email:  Victoria Edgar - or visit the link:


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