Turn up your talent. Amp up your amazing. Fire up your fundraising. As Laura Wilson, Schools & Community Fundraising Lead at Comic Relief explains, Red Nose Day is just around the corner.

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 19th March 2021. And this year it’s set to be more powerful than ever!

Let’s face it, we all need a laugh right now. And this Red Nose Day, we want the laughter of children across the UK to help create serious change around the country and around the world.

Here at Comic Relief, we fight inequality wherever we find it to create a better, fairer world – free from poverty. We do this by supporting amazing organisations across the UK and around the world that are tackling the key issues of our time. Money raised by Red Nose Day helps to tackle mental health stigma, homelessness, take action against abuse and give children the best start in life.

In these particularly challenging times, it has never felt more important to raise smiles and money for those who are struggling more than ever, as the continued impact of coronavirus brings unprecedented challenges to many.

So, whether they’re magnificent movers, daring dress-uppers or brilliant bakers, it’s time to start planning how to get your pupils involved. No matter how small something may seem, when you raise money for Red Nose Day, you’re part of something bigger. You’re making the world a better place.


Why not get a head start with planning your Red Nose Day fun?

1. Get the date in the calendar: Friday 19th March 2021

2. Register now at to pre-order your free fundraising pack and other fundraising tools

3. Download everything you need, from posters and recipes to a ready-made quiz and a school council guide, at

4. Check out our website from January for a whole range of learning resources for primary schools

5. Order a box of our first 100% plastic-free Red Noses through our exclusive schools’ deposit scheme at

6. Start thinking now about fundraising ideas and remember – whatever you do, big or small, you’ll be making a difference

7. Set a fundraising target. Don’t be shy; go high!

8. Create a JustGiving page and QR code at and then share your details with parents and carers on social media, asking everyone to pass it on

9. Plan a week of Red Nose Day fun so every bubble can get involved

10. Share your plans and pictures on social media, with a shout-out to @comicreliefsch



For Red Nose Day 2021, we’re proud to be revealing our first ever 100% plastic-free Red Nose. With our long-standing partner, Sainsbury’s, we have created the new Red Nose from bagasse, a natural by-product of sugarcane, chosen for its widely celebrated sustainable qualities.

Comic Relief and Sainsbury’s had been researching more sustainable materials for some time when, in early 2019, we received letters and emails from hundreds of school children asking us to create a plastic-free Nose to help reduce single-use plastic waste and protect the environment. Hearing their voices encouraged us to step up a gear with our sustainability plans.

One school, Fourlanesend Community Primary School in Cornwall, even received the backing of Sir David Attenborough when they wrote to him and shared their alternative Red Nose suggestions. By way of thank you, pupils from the school were given an exclusive first look at the new Noses and met a virtual panel of celebrity guests, including Comic Relief co-founder Richard Curtis, to discuss their views on the redesign, why reducing single-use plastic waste is important and further steps we can all take.

“Plastic is an issue our children care passionately about as they see so much plastic waste wash up on the shores of our beaches,” explains Rebecca Norton Head Teacher at Fourlanesend Primary. “One of the most important things to come from this for me, is that the children have been listened to – this has really shown them that they can make a difference and should always stand up for what they believe in.”

In keeping with the environmentally-friendly theme, the new Red Noses will be available in 10 different characters representing the great outdoors for children to collect.

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