Keep Your Child Safe on Smartphone

Nowadays smartphones are one of the most important tools or to be more precise we can say, most important gadget carried by people of all age.

We all know that smartphones in themselves are a whole world. Along with the various advantages:  people can contact each other being millions of miles away or just in another room and students can find the study material and many other countless uses, the smartphone can take children in the wrong direction if cre is not taken. Most of the adult content bounds the children of the age less than 13 or age less than 18 years from viewing the content, but the children being over smart, change their age in their login information.

Parents need to take some measures to control the use of the phone. There are various measures. Parents can check the data usage, for this they can download such applications that can calculate the time invested in various apps that your child is using, from the play store. There are various data plans that restrict the use of the internet after using a particular amount of data, some packs put a limit on the number of messages that can be sent in a day.

There are three basic steps that every parent needs to keep in mind:



1.  Contact

Keep a check on the people your child is in contact with by asking him/her about online friends, make your child understand how risky it is talking to strangers, and that they must never share personal information like your address or your location with unknown people.

2. Conduct

Talk to your children and make them comfortable so that they can feel free to talk to you if they are facing some kind of Cyberbullying. Applications such as Snapchat delete the conversation within seconds after the person has seen the chat. In this case, a person can send offensive messages and you will have no proof of it, but the child needs to know of the chat being saved somewhere on the official database of Snapchat. On Instagram, one who sends a message is allowed to unsent them. For this reason and many others, give your child space so that they can tell you in any inappropriate is happening with them.

3. Content

Parents must keep in mind that the content your child is watching is appropriate for them to watch according to the level of maturity and the age of your child. To ensure this parents can buy applications through which they can track what their child is browsing, which sites your child is visiting etc.

We hope this article will help you to regulate the use of the smartphone by your child.

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