A new way to inspire children to look after our planet!

Earth Cubs is a new free platform for kids, parents and teachers to Learn about the World by inspiring children to develop genuine understanding and excitement about sustainability and the environment.

Earth Cubs have created a vibrant and creative educational app - underpinned with phonics, literacy, numeracy and creativity puzzles. Children create their own Earth Cub, explore real world environments and meet fascinating characters. Let Antonio the Anteater show you the amazing Brazilian Rainforest, Nigel the Nervous Narwhal helps you discover the Arctic and Frankie the Fox teaches children all about city life.

For teachers - free curriculum aligned lesson plans, resources & activities.

Creative & extensive materials all focused on the environment & sustainability.
All lesson plans are fully aligned to EYFS outcomes & National Curriculum (ages 3-7).

Earth Cubs complete lesson plans include: guided teaching steps, activities & outdoor learning ideas.

Each of their environments covers themes such as deforestation, climate change and recycling. 
These can be scary issues for kids, but the Earth Cubs world is vibrant, optimistic, funny and aims to land learning in a fun and positive style.

Inspired by the UN’s Global Goals - Earth Cubs is free to sign up and download on all app stores earthcubs.com


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