After temporarily closing their doors in March, SEA LIFE teams nationwide dived into action, working to make sure that when they could re-open it would be in the safest way possible, whilst maintaining the magic their guests love.

Now they are open again, and some of these changes will be clear right away with new information signage, temperature checks on arrival and staff wearing masks in some areas. They are making sure everyone can keep a safe distance apart too, and making sure everything is cleaned more regularly, and more thoroughly (and encouraging guests to clean their hands this way too!)

With an exciting array of amazing creatures at each site, you’re sure to discover a new fascinating favourite when you visit again. From Clownfish and Groupers to Stingrays and Blacktip Reef sharks, with reduced numbers across all locations, you’ll have the chance to get closer than ever before to the most weird and wonderful the ocean has to offer!

At SEA LIFE Weymouth you can see Europe’s only colony of Fairy penguins- the smallest breed in the world! You can see adorable seals at SEA LIFE Scarborough and Hunstanton, terrific turtles at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth and Brighton, or visit the UK’s very first Sea otters, brand new to SEA LIFE Birmingham.

You can come face-to-fin with sharks as they glide through the ocean tunnel at SEA LIFE Loch Lomond and around the Shipwreck at SEA LIFE Manchester, or experience bugs and creepy crawlies at SEA LIFE Blackpool’s Rainforest Ranger table- there’s something for everyone!

How the creatures were care for during lockdown

While lots of people were making banana bread, learning languages or working out with Joe Wicks, SEA LIFE animal care teams across the country were keeping their fishy friends fed, clean and happy. Their day to days tasks were varied, and included:

• Conducting water quality tests and taking water temperatures to ensure each water dwelling creature was living in the very best environment for their needs

• Cleaning the glass on the tanks and disinfecting shared areas- even with minimal staff at each attraction they needed to be super careful to make sure everything was as safe as possible.

• Enrichment activities- lots of the creatures like penguins, otters and seals need plenty of attention and interaction (much like us humans!). Playing and interacting with them also make it easier to get them onto the scales for their regular weigh-ins

• Octopus enrichment- Octopus’ are extremely intelligent and need lots of stimulation and interaction, they particularly love puzzles and hide and seek

Discover an amazing underwater world this summer. Visit to choose your location. 

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