Hachette Children’s Group and United Nations publish a Sustainable Development Goals title, celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the UN

Hachette Children’s Group and the United Nations are delighted to announce they have paired up to publish a book about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to mark the UN’s 75th Anniversary year.

17 Ways to Save the World is authored by Louise Spilsbury, illustrated by Mark Ruffle and will be published under the Franklin Watts imprint of the Hachette Children’s Group. 

The book will be an accessible guide for children aged 9 and above, outlining how small lifestyle changes can help in solving the world's biggest issues. Topics are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals unanimously adopted by world leaders at the United Nations, including No Poverty and Climate Action.

Paul Rockett, Publisher at Franklin Watts & Wayland says, “I’m excited to publish the definitive guide to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially in an important anniversary year. Agreed by world leaders at the United Nations, the Goals are a global guide to achieving a more equitable and sustainable future. This book introduces children to the Goals, explains why they’re necessary and suggests achievable actions children can take to help the UN to save the world.”

Maher Nasser, United Nations Department of Global Communications, says, “As the challenge of achieving the ambitions of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals has gotten more complicated with the compounded impacts of COVID-19, climate change and other transnational threats, our commitments and determination to achieve them must be amplified many times over. We can all do our part and this book shows us that we can make a difference in this world no matter how old we are. We don’t need to wait until tomorrow, we don’t need to grow up first, we can act today and make the time left count.”

Louise Spilsbury is a prolific author of non-fiction books for children. She has written titles on almost every subject, from science and geography through to world affairs, social issues, art, history, and literacy.

Mark Ruffle has been illustrating and designing books for over 20 years and enjoys drawing anything, but especially people, animals and science subjects.

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