Primary Times takes a look at what to do over the Easter holidays

Spring is finally in the air and the days are getting longer. There’s no better time to make some Easter crafts and to get outside! Primary Times takes a look at what to do over the Easter holidays.

1. Go on an Easter egg hunt
Create the hunt at home by hiding the eggs around the house. Add some riddles to make it harder!

2. Build a Den ­
Whether it’s inside or outside, dens are a great for teambuilding and for when the weather takes a turn

3. Make Easter nest cakes ­
Melt 225g plain chocolate, 2tbs golden syrup, 50g butter, over a pan of simmering water. Add 75g of corn­ akes and divide into 12 paper cases and chill in the fridge for an hour. Decorate with chocolate eggs!

4. Egg Rolling ­
If you’ve never tried egg rolling you’re in for a real treat! Decorate your hard-boiled eggs and then roll them down a grassy hill to see whose will go the furthest.

5. Have a picnic ­
Head to your local park for a day in the spring sunshine!

6. Plant some Spring bulbs ­
This is a great way to get the kids out from behind their screens and get involved with an easy gardening activity.

7. Fly a kite ­
Have a competition to see who can get their kite the highest.

8. Create Easter crafts ­
Establish an Easter tradition with the whole family.

9. Head to your local farm to see lambs being born* ­
Lambing season is underway and the UK’s farms come alive with the baby lambs. You might even have the chance to watch one being born!

10. Ride a bike ­
Bike rides are a great way to keep fit and to discover your local green areas.

11. Decorate an egg ­
Whether it’s painting, sequins, or turning it into a unicorn, you’ll have great fun as a family decorating the eggs.

12. Feed the ducks ­
The best foods to feed ducks are rice, cracked corn, oats and birdseed.

13. Skim a stone ­
This is a tricky skill to master, but take a steady arm and practice stone

14. Read a book ­
Make it a challenge to read a book by the end of the holidays

15. Make an Easter card ­
Homemade cards have a lot more sentimental value than buying one. Make someone smile by making a personalised card!

16. Have a Spring clean ­
Get rid of all those unwanted clothes, toys and books and donate them to a local charity.

17. Egg and spoon race ­
Hold your own egg and spoon race in the garden; no cheating!

18. Play Pooh sticks ­
A timeless game. Choose your favourite stick and ­ oat and race!

19. Visit your local museum*
Discover local history on your doorstep with a trip to your local museum this Easter.

20. Discover wild animal clues ­
Explore your local forest and look for footprints to spot the wild animals out there.

Take a look at our Easter Fun board on Pinterest for spring themed craft and baking projects!

* Check venue websites for up-to-date details 

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