Making parties more sustainable with reusable party kits

Disposable plates have become the norm at kids’ parties - they are colourful and make tidying up a piece of cake.

But, for a party of 30 kids, that’s 100 single-use items or more going straight to landfill.

As concern for the environment increases there’s a need to make parties more sustainable. There’s a rapidly growing number of people across the UK who provide party kits as a practical alternative to disposables.

Isabel Mack, founder of the Party Kit Network explains: “A party kit is a box of reusable tableware and decorations hired out to the local community as an easy way to significantly reduce waste at parties. It’s often cheaper to hire a party kit than buying the equivalent disposables and more convenient, with everything needed for a party in the box.”

Hiring a party kit
The Party Kit Network has over 375 party kits listed across the UK. Some of the party kits are run by school PTAs as a great eco-friendly fundraiser. The average cost per hire is between 25-50p per person, depending on the equipment and services offered.
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Setting up a party kit
If you’re interested in setting up your own party kit, here are some tips to getting started:

1. A party kit starts with a set of reusable plates and cups, but many also include bowls, cutlery, jugs, serving platters, table linen and decorations

2. A basic party kit for 20 children can be set up for £30, with IKEA’s KALAS range the most popular for tableware

3. A sturdy plastic storage box with a lid is best for storing the kit

4. Bunting is a great reusable decoration

5. Reusable pass-the-parcel bags make a great zero waste addition to a kit

For more guidance download the guide from the Party Kit Network website.

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