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As the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation continues around the world, we realise that many schools, teachers and parents will be gearing up for imminent school closures. We recognise that this prospect poses many difficult challenges for schools and educators, not to mention parents who will be seeking ways to keep their children meaningfully occupied outside of school time.

To provide help with these issues, we are making a number of our member-facing activities freely available to all. These activities provide help for teachers and parents by offering simple, easy and useful activities that young people can complete unaided. We will continue to provide online learning options for young people of all ages in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep checking back.

Among other things, our activities will give young people the ability to turn any film or television viewing into an educational experience, as well as helping them consider the many varied careers within the film industry. Download these free activities further down this page.

These activities include our review writing guides, which can help young people apply their film knowledge, critical thinking and literacy skills to any film, providing a valuable - and entertaining - means of honing their English and writing skills during any potential school closures. What's more, all reviews submitted via our website will be entered into our Review of the Week competition, with great prizes to be won.

As well as review writing, our activities also support filmmaking - which can be done with minimal equipment, even on a mobile phone or tablet - and our ongoing Film of the Month competition offers the perfect way for young people to keep busy with a practical project that can be completed within the home and enhances various skills including organisation, planning and creative thinking.

In addition, you might also consider supporting children to enter Big Dreams of Screen, a new competition we're running with Puffin, to help mark their 80th birthday. We're encouraging young people to use their imaginations and storyboarding skills to have a chance of getting their idea transformed into a film.

You can also encourage young people to check out our YouTube channel Get Into Film, where our reporters interviewing actors and filmmakers from the all the latest film releases, and sharing their views on the world of film.

Which Career Are You?
Ages: 7 – 11
Type of Activity: Quizzes
A fun multiple-choice quiz to help match your skills and personality to interesting film careers. DOWNLOAD 

Review Writing Frame
Ages: 7 – 16
Type of Activity: Creative, Film watching
Do you want to improve your review writing? Use this template to organise your ideas and get creative. DOWNLOAD

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