Mapplewells Primary & Nursery School welcomed Nottingham Forest Football Club’s Dream Big Tour into school!

The Sutton school concluded a 3 week tour the project made to all 25 Flying High Trust Schools

Nottingham Forest Football Club (NFFC) and Nottingham Forest Community Trust (NFCT) have completed a tour of 25 Flying High Trust Schools throughout the county with a final visit to Mapplewells Primary & Nursery School in Sutton in Ashfield.

The Dream Big Tour is aimed at inspiring children to fulfil their potential and to encourage literacy learning. During an exciting assembly, children had a chance to see the European Cup, meet the Robin Hood mascot, and were given Nottingham Forest caps to keep.

Tom Darby, PE Specialist at Mapplewells Primary & Nursery School said it is the second time he has attended such an event, and that the children’s reaction to their visitors is always pleasing to see. “During the assembly the children witness the big reveal of the trophy and are able to ask questions about the club and watch an inspirational video which follows the team through their first European Cup glory.” Tom said that the school welcomed in children’s families to join them at the event.

The tour was delivered by James Mitchell and Lloyd Lacey, School Engagement Managers and James said, “It's been amazing to finish our tour of the Flying High Trust here at Mapplewells, the pupils reaction to the trophy was incredible and it was great to see them linking our team’s European success to the values of their own Trust.”

Children asked to describe the tour and assembly in a few words left comments saying the event was 'amazing’, ‘I loved it’, ‘I want to follow my dreams’, ‘sometimes things are hard, don't give up’, and ‘I'll use this to help my football team’.

Tom Darby said he thinks the tour will be a source of future inspiration at the 25 schools. “It was a personal privilege for me to have made the initial contact with James Mitchell at Nottingham Forest to arrange the tour for our Trust. It’s pleasing to think how many children have been inspired across our schools and I know the success story will be revisited by lots of staff to help children if things seem challenging.

“James and Lloyd were fantastic with the children and delivered the assembly with fun and with emphasis on the meaning behind the tour. We would like to thank them for their support and here's to our pupils Dreaming Big!”

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