Heritage toys make the best Christmas buys


Heritage toys and games such as LEGO, Monopoly, and wooden blocks have been voted some of the best investments for kids’ Christmas gifts by UK parents.

The top 10 list of age-old favourites, published today, is a result of research from The Good Toy Guide in association with Sylvanian Families. The study found that last year, almost half of UK families wasted a whopping £50 per child on unwanted gifts, with two thirds of kids losing interest in at least one* of their Christmas presents - some within just a matter of days.

 1. LEGO
 2. Monopoly
 3. Wooden blocks
 4. Playmobil
 5. BRIO Train Set
 6. Meccano
 7. Jenga
 8. Hot Wheels
 9. Barbie
 10. Sylvanian Families

Three quarters of 1,000 UK parents surveyed said the length of time their child plays with a toy and its durability are what make a toy a good long-term investment.

In comparison, more modern, 21st-century toys may be popular with children for a short while but weren’t seen as a good investment in the long run by parents of under 10s.

Dr Amanda Gummer, founder of The Good Toy Guide, comments: “We all naturally make impulse buys at Christmas but we’re urging parents to step back and think about what really makes a good investment. Our research found that the classic toys tend to win out in the long run – simple wooden blocks, traditional games or wholesome collectible characters like Sylvanian Families. They’ve withstood the test of time as childhood favourites and are wise buys for continued enjoyment beyond Christmas and for future generations.”

LEGO was also found to be the toy most handed down between siblings and generations.

Neil Bandtock, Managing Director at EPOCH Making Toys, comments: “If parents look at the ‘cost per play’ of toys in the same way as ‘cost per wear’ of an item of clothing, then brands such as Sylvanian Families are well worth the investment in terms of their play value, durability and evergreen appeal over the last 35 years.”

Sylvanian Families has launched its first pop-up shop in Soho, London which runs until 5th January for parents looking to make a good toy investment around Christmas.

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