Global Canvas 2020 Children’s Art Competition Now Open

Do you work with groups of children aged 16 or under? Are you looking for a creative, fun project for children to get involved in, while inspiring them about the natural world, recycling and conservation?

Why not get involved with David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s annual Global Canvas Children’s Art Competition 2020 and this year's theme – Endangered.

Time is running out for many species across the world. Human impact is directly affecting many animals’ chances of survival and it is the children of today and future generations who will feel the biggest impact from decisions we make over the next few decades.

Global Canvas 2020 focusses on the theme ‘Endangered’, helping children to discover the incredible species of plants, mammals and wildlife that are at risk of disappearing forever. It will give them the chance to explore, through creativity and art, threats to the future of animals and their habitats, encouraging children to think about what they can do to help. Climate change has a huge, direct impact on wildlife, and children have a very powerful voice to call for change across the world. This competition is the opportunity to teach them about how they can help to save the planet.

The theme also fits well with the following curriculum themes: living things and their habitats, global ecosystems and biodiversity as well as art and design.

The competition is FREE to enter and open to groups of children - this could be a club, class, year group or a whole school. Entrants are asked to create a mini-exhibition based on the theme, using paint, pencils, knitting, sculpture or any other techniques you can think of. We'd like every entry to have some form of recycled material for the final project - whether plastic, glass, or something more unusual.

Shortlisted entries will be displayed at an exciting judging and prize-giving day at London’s Natural History Museum on March 12th 2020.

How to enter… A photograph of your entry along with a completed entry form should be sent to by the closing date of January 29th 2020. So get creative and get involved - we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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