OGGS® Launch Marvellous Mini Cupcakes!

As part of its new cake range, OGGS®  is launching a 9 pack of mini cupcakes; each cake is under 99kcal and entirely ethical from plant to plate. Marvellous Mini Cupcakes will be coming soon to Sainsbury’s and specialist retailers,  £4.25 for 9 pack.


Like the rest of the OGGS®  range, these mini cupcakes are completely egg and dairy free and baked using OGGS®  Aquafaba, an all-plant liquid egg substitute made from chickpea water. Perfect for a tea party, the cakes are scrummy and light with less added sugar than a standard cake. Marvellous Mini Cupcakes are made up of a vanilla flavoured sponge topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles, all for less than 99kcal. Go on… treat yourself!


9 tasty, colourful, low calorie cakes that both parents and kids will love. Whether you’re after something a little bit lighter or in need of a bite-sized treat, these marvellous mini cupcakes are the perfect snack whatever your age and suitable for almost all dietary requirements.


The OGGS® team is dedicated to creating plant-based alternatives to everyday foods, which taste as delicious as you’ve always known them, without any compromise. All whilst doing their best to positively change the future of the planet, animals and people with every little bite.


No part of any animal is used in the creation of the OGGS® range and each cake is made with the future of the planet, animals and people in mind. The packaging itself is sustainably sourced with 100% recycled plastic which is fully recyclable, and even if it ends up in landfill is completely biodegradable.


Mini Cupcake treats like these don’t come along every day, until now. So why not try them out today? Available soon in Sainsbury’s and specialist retailers, priced at £4.25 for a 9 pack.




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