Vodafone UK and Andersen Press have launched #Goldilocks, a new book to help parents and children talk about social media and how to use it responsibly.

The book marks the launch of Vodafone’s new Digital Parenting website, a go-to-guide for parents on the latest digital safety and wellbeing issues. #Goldilocks, written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Tony Ross, is available to download for free at www.vodafone.co.uk/digitalparenting.

New YouGov research released today shows that many children are both aware of and using social media from a young age. This is often before parents have had conversations with them about how to use social media safely and responsibly. The findings showed that 48% of children are aware of social media by the age of seven.

Parents are the first port of call for the majority of children for advice on their digital lives. 93% of children aged six to ten say they would speak to their parents if someone said or did something to upset them online.

In light of the findings, Digital Parenting, which is funded by the Vodafone Foundation, is encouraging parents to discuss how to use social media safely and responsibly with children from the age of seven. The printed guide and website offers support to parents who want to understand their children’s online world.

Helen Lamprell, General Counsel & External Affairs Director of Vodafone UK, said: “Social media can be a great way for young people to communicate, be creative and develop their digital skills. We know parents want to talk to their children about how to use social media safely and responsibly, but often aren’t sure how. #Goldilocks offers a fun, accessible way to start the conversation with younger children, who we know are increasingly aware of, and using, social media.”

#Goldilocks is a new resource to help parents have conversations about being kind to others on social media and asking permission before posting pictures online. The much-loved children’s tale has been reimagined for the digital age by award-winning author Jeanne Willis (Slug Needs A Hug, Tadpole's Promise and Who's in the Loo?) and the UK’s number one illustrator Tony Ross (Horrid Henry, Gangsta Granny and the Little Princess series). In the new version, #Goldilocks gets into trouble with the three bears over her quest for likes on social media. The aim is to educate children about the potential consequences of being unkind, getting carried away with selfies or oversharing images in a fun and accessible way.

#Goldilocks author Jeanne Willis said: “Technology and the internet are so prevalent in children’s lives these days. I wanted to create a simple and enjoyable solution for encouraging parents to speak to their children about how best to manage the issues that come with it. Partnering with Digital Parenting felt like a natural development and I am looking forward to helping spread the message of talking to children about their online lives with them."

The seventh edition of Digital Parenting is available now. For more information and to download your free edition of #Goldilocks visit: www.vodafone.co.uk/digitalparenting.

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