Over 12,000 children already signed up for National Early Years Music Week

The end of January is set for the inaugural National Early Years Music Week and over 12,000 children are already signed up to join in. From Monday 28th January to Friday 1st February, Rhythm Time founder and MD, Kathy Doolan and her team of 45 franchisees across the UK, will be leading the fun music activities for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

In the last 10 years, research has proven that music-making and singing with babies and toddlers is fundamental to their development. Many parents go along to classes for fun but are unaware of the long-term educational benefits that they provide. With the recent cuts in education funding, music is seen as an optional extra, and is always the first subject to be dropped. However, research shows that it’s the most important subject, having the power to unlock every child’s potential,” says Kathy.

Rachel Turner has run her Rhythm Time business in Warwickshire since February 2016. She explains why the music activities are so important to a child’s development in their early years, “Music is the only activity that stimulates and activates every part of a child's brain. It boosts a range of essential learning skills and helps to develop memory, concentration, creativity and self-confidence. That also leads to a fantastic foundation for school years as music enhances communication, language, literacy and maths skills. But, most of all, children just love having fun with music!”

Kathy and her dedicated team are hoping to spread the message far and wide to get others enjoying the week’s activities. From Maraca Monday, Triangle Tuesday, Wood Block Wednesday, Tambourine Thursday, to Fun Friday; parents and carers are encouraged to join a local Rhythm Time class for free or dress in something yellow and share their musical efforts on social media using the hashtag #RTmusicweek.

“I’d like to thank our sponsors: LMS Music Supplies, NatWest, MusicBiz, Morton Michel, Fraser Brown Solicitors, HSBC, Babyled and Usborne. This is a not-for-profit endeavour and we wouldn’t be able to provide all the fun materials including balloons, activity sheets and stickers for the children without their financial support,” adds Kathy. Information leaflets will also be available for everyone attending the event.

Find out more by visiting: www.rhythmtime.net/rtmusicweek | @rhythm_time #RTmusicweek

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