Staying safe during Pumpkin season

Halloween is nearly upon us, follow our step-by-step guide to staying safe whilst pumpkin carving!

  1. Workstation
    Make sure you set up in an area that is well lit and ensure that the surface is dry to stop any pumpkins slipping or sliding. Ensure that all of your tools are dry, including: carving tools, knife, cutting surface, and your hands. Have a storage jar on hand to store any sharp tools (kitchen knife, pin) when they are not being used. Keeping your workstation dry will ensure you have a fun experience without any slips of the hand!
  2. Leave the carving to the adults
    To begin, use a carving tool to cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin to create the lid of your lantern. It is really important that an adult always carries out the carving itself. Whilst it is tempting for children, they are best leaving their skills for the pumpkin design and scooping the seeds out with a spoon.
  3. Sharper is not better
    Encourage your child to draw out their design using a chunky felt tip pen, then you can use a pin to poke small holes in the design where you plan to cut. Use your cutting tool to slowly cut along the edges of your marked design; a sharper knife is not always best here as it can become wedged in the thicker parts of the pumpkin. A slightly blunter knife will help to avoid any injuries and keep the whole family safer.
  4. Light it Up!
    Once your pumpkin design is cut out then you can show it off by shining a light inside. Traditionally candles are used but to avoid any burnt finger tips, battery-powered tea lights or strings of fairy lights are equally effective in attracting trick-or-treaters!

And there you have it, our guide to staying safe whilst pumpkin carving! If you want to make your pumpkin stand out even more, get your child to decorate with paint, stickers, and glitter! Just always remember that any sharp tools should be used by an adult only and should be stored away when not in use. It’s all about enjoying a fun family tradition in the safest way possible.

Pumpkin Seeds
After pumpkin carving you will have plenty of leftover seeds and we have the ideal way to make sure that they don’t go to waste. Simply turn them into a delicious snack by giving them a roast – they’re also ideal for adding to salads and sprinkling on soups! You will never discard your pumpkin seeds again.


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