Chris Packham organizes the first Peoples Walk for Wildlife, 22nd September. Hyde Park, London

On 22nd September join Chris Packham for the first People’s Walk for Wildlife in Central London. This walk is for everybody who cares about wildlife and is concerned about the rapid loss of UK wildlife and who wants to stand up and take action.

‘Nature Deficit Disorder is real. Our children are almost completely disconnected from wildlife. They don’t see it, meet it, touch it, feel it or fall in love with it. And as such they will never want to look after it. And that is a massive problem because our wildlife is in trouble and we are all dependant upon it.

‘Connecting with nature improves our mental heath, being in nature improves our physical health, and looking after nature ensures our planet’s health. But getting children to it can be hard in the modern age… and that’s why we have come up with these ideas and would like you to bring your children to the walk on September 22nd in Hyde Park.

‘So please work with children as teachers or parents, get them to make animals, create a fancy dress, conjure some natural spells or write some poetry and send them to us at the website. On the day we are planning to be out in the crowd with live cameras to celebrate their inventions so everyone can see that when given the chance, children do connect with nature and some of them will bond with it for life.’

Chris Packham

There are plenty of ways for children to be involved, including: bringing beautiful banner art, making a papier-mache wildlife friend, dressing up as your favourite plant or animal, and downloading the birdsong from Chris’ website to play on the day.

Dictionary of Wildlife Wonders and Spells!

The dictionary of Wildlife Wonders and Spells will be a collection of awe inspiring words and writing to capture the wonder of wildlife, and the most awesome will be read by Robert MacFarlane and Chris on the 22nd September.

To submit a wonder or spell, and to find out more about this most important event, visit:

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