New Arrivals at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Meet Belle, our newest addition to the Rhino family, she is also the first calf in the Park's history to be hand-reared.

The Park is also celebrating the birth of a Bactrian Camel. The female calf has been named Elsa. In the wild, Bactrian Camels are classified as critically endangered and are thought to be one of the rarest large mammals on earth.

Our Parma Wallabies have recently given birth. The young, known as joeys, are born in a relatively premature state and wriggle their way into the pouch of the mother where they fasten on to a teat for some weeks to complete their development. The young joeys have just started to venture out of their pouches and can be seen in the lake area.

The Tropical House is home to two new species. The Long-nosed Potoroo (a small marsupial found in Southern Australia and Tasmania) and a new breeding pair of rare Mindanao Bleeding Heart Doves. This shy species are famous for their deep red 'heart' markings. Our pair were introduced for the first time on Valentine's Day.

Green Tree Pythons, a new species to the Park, are on display inside the Reptile House. They rest curled in loops over horizontal branches, poised to strike any unsuspecting prey.



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We hope to see you soon!

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