Dreams Come True teams up with National Unplugging Day to encourage families to #GoGadgetFree

Children’s charity Dreams Come True has partnered with the creators of National Unplugging Day, MyFamilyClub as part of a campaign to encourage families to unplug their gadgets, from television, to mobile phones, to iPads to games consoles, for 24 hours. On 28th June, families are asked to spend the day gadget free whilst fundraising to help bring the power of dreams to children with life-limiting conditions.

We are fast becoming a nation of technology addicts, constantly plugged into an ever-growing list of gadgets. A nationwide survey by children’s charity, Dreams Come True has found that mobile devices are more valued than sleep, soap and a toothbrush. Despite the fact that smart phones did not exist in their current form eight-years ago, they’re now the item the UK can’t live without, in preference to basic hygiene.

The survey found that 31 per cent of respondents were least likely to give up their mobile devices, behind their toothbrush (29% value this the most), soap (22%) and sleep (18%). Interestingly, 49% of females age 18-24 valued sleep the least, in preference to their digital devices.

The UK’s first National Unplugging Day however is challenging the nation to do just that, MyFamilyClub and Dreams Come True aim to help families balance their off-line and on-line interactions. With practical tips, monthly news, and up and coming workshops the campaign will facilitate positive change on a regular basis, not just on one day. The National Unplugging Day marks the need to be more aware of our digital usage and encourage mindfulness and healthy digital habits.

MyFamilyClub’s CEO and Founder Gemma Johnson said, “As a parent I experience the struggle trying to juggle work and family life and the additional demands of existing in a digital world.  We all lead busy lives but it is so important to lead by example with our device usage, boundaries are set by the parents first.  As parents we have to take stock of the impact technology is having on all our lives and support our children who are growing up in a world which is dominated by technology. The National UnPlugging Day is supported by medical care professionals globally including Dr Richard Graham, Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist from the UK’s first Technology Addiction Centre at Nightingale Hospital London. “

“We are encouraging people to unplug and engage in life without a digital connection and be present for our children. I’m urging all individuals to check how much they are using technology and look at the impact it is having on those around you.  I certainly didn’t realise how much time I was spending on my smart phone until my oldest son pointed it out, this is why this campaign is so important to me.” 

Sue Fowler, head of marketing and fundraising, Dreams Come True said, “At our charity we see the power of families being able to spend quality time together. We fulfil dreams for children and young people that are often family trips or holidays – a chance for them to create special memories that they will treasure forever. National Unplugging Day is a chance for all families to do something different and spend that important quality time together whilst raising money to enable us to do the same for children with life limiting conditions. Often the most important things are right in front of our eyes, not on a screen.”

Dreams Come True is a children’s charity, which brings the power of dreams to children with life-limiting conditions by fulfilling their dreams.

As part of the day, there will be a whole host of weekly competitions, giving away prizes such as Camp Bestival family tickets, camping weekends, board games, books and City hotel breaks to enable parents to have as much tech-free fun on this day and beyond as possible.

To make your pledge and download a sponsorship form please click here: http://www.dreamscometrue.uk.com/uploads/assets/Documents/Sponsor%20Form.pdf

To find out more about National Unplugging Day and Dreams Come True, visit: http://nationalunpluggingday.co.uk/our-partners/

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