Tuition for children in Dorset

Many children find it valuable to have some additional tuition during term time. Away from the distractions of the classroom, focused learning and different approaches to difficult concepts can help comprehension and confidence and hopefully get a child to that “Eureka!” moment.

One to one, and small group tuition can help with subjects that perhaps a child finds difficult, but it can also accelerate learning in areas that they find of particular interest and reduce stress if tests and SATs are looming.

If you are considering private tuition, it makes sense to concentrate on one or two subjects at most to ensure that the focus is on the subjects in most need of attention. If you’re considering language tuition, splitting the cost with a friend is a good idea, because whilst the individual focus is somewhat lost, the chance to speak in small groups can be a real benefit.

Of course, additional tuition and camps are not essential, simply encouraging your child to lose themselves in something they love to do, be it writing, drawing, photography, music, or building dens will help them to develop. Ultimately, finding a balance is important, because a love for learning needs to be nurtured and encouraged carefully…


Get Ready for those Grammar School Entrance Exams

Once again Graham Austin’s programme for preparing children for the Grammar Schools’ Entrance Exams has been a total success. All of his students passed the tests, and are looking forward to some of the best secondary education in town. Children on Graham’s programme are successful because they start to prepare early and are always willing to work to the high levels expected by the programme. If you would like to find out how to be part of this continually successful programme give Graham a call on 01202 591521.


Helping children Love to Learn

Love to Learn's mission is to help children see that reading and writing doesn’t have to be boring and difficult! Emily Spurgeon’s (from Love to Learn) passion for enabling learning means that in her role as an English tutor, she can offer each child her undivided time and attention to help break down any learning barriers, and provide the necessary tools required to thrive. If you think your child would benefit from Emily’s help, feel free to contact her via


Learn golf at Sturminster Marshall Golf Club

Sturminster Marshall Golf Club has been refurbished and now has a fantastic bar/café, driving range, pro shop and a great 9 hole golf course. It is a great facility for kids to learn golf with a Mike Dodd Golf Academy on site and the golf course suits all abilities. Plus, at the end of March, the EZGO Junior Golf Tour will start, allowing all kids’ the chance to play in fun friendly 9 hole local events. Everyone wins something - so give it a go! Check For further details see


Giving children a helping hand!

In a large classroom situation, many children experience difficulties when the group move onto a new topic in literary or mathematics. At these crucial moments in a child’s learning, too often children are too afraid to put their hands up in front of the whole group and ask for help. A calm, friendly approach with lots of encouragement by a tutor, can restore confidence in the child’s belief in her or himself. Explaining the work, dealing with a child’s individual concerns and then revising the topic again, gives the child time and space to learn at their own pace. If you are interested in private tuition for your child, call Tracy Armstrong at Grammar School Tuition on 07773 363628 (Bournemouth Area).


Barmy for Books 

It seems youngsters are truly barmy for books! A recent survey, compiled by the Office of National Statistics, (The Taking Part survey 2016/2017), highlighted that, out of school, reading and writing remains the most popular arts activity for 5 to 10-year olds, with 85.6% partaking in this activity in 2016/2017.


Look out for the resources and events that actively promote reading in children:



Lots on at the Local Library

Libraries are a hive of activity, buzzing with storytelling sessions, coding clubs, book clubs, rhyme time, and of course, offer plenty of reading opportunities. Many activity sessions are free or charge a small nominal fee, and by introducing your child to the welcoming environment of a library, at an early stage, could develop a lifelong love of books and reading. Read more about your local library services at


World Book Day: 1 March 2018

This year, youngsters all over the country will dressing up as their favourite characters and celebrating World Book Day on 1 March 2018. On and around this date, more than 15 million £1 World Book Day book tokens will be distributed to children and young people, which will be valid from Monday 26 February to Sunday 25 March 2018.

The aim of World Book Day is to celebrate reading for pleasure. Designating a special day or week for book-related activities can help children to see reading as pleasurable and fun, stimulating them to discover new books, extend their reading choices, discuss and share books, explore libraries and bookshops, and do their own creative writing. See


Making Maths Add Up

A recent report, ‘The Parent Factor’, published by National Numeracy and the Mayor’s Fund for London, showed that 88% of children said their maths confidence improved when their parents were more involved in their learning. It was found that increased parental engagement leads to significant improvement in children’s concentration levels during maths lessons and better than expected assessment results.

Outside of the classroom there is a useful National Numeracy Family Maths Toolkit, full of ideas and free activities, that has been designed to help families enjoy maths together. Take a look at


Top maths tips:




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