New Year Series - Healthy habits for the New Year Dorset

It’s 2018, it’s a new year and a time of new beginnings! With fresh optimism, create a plan of action to instil healthy habits straight away.

Don’t be another statistic and watch your good intentions go to waste during the second week of January.

Instead, while you have time, write down your New Year’s resolutions, and brainstorm a list of ways to help you achieve them.

Place this list in a prominent place, such as on the fridge door or by your bed, to remind you.

To avoid the procrastination pitfall create the plan straight away before it gets side-lined along with the usual daily routine. Need inspiring? Here are some ideas:



Keep your finances in check

Don’t bury your head in the sand and rely on your six lucky numbered balls appearing from the lotto machine one Saturday. Bite the bullet - set a monthly budget and stick to it. Take control of your finances and do a financial health check at



Re-ignite the exercise regime and eat healthier

As a new year beckons, some of us may find those hard-earned pounds in the bank easier to lose than the unwanted ones that cling on, limpet-like, around our hips.

However, the ‘New Year’ influence often kick-starts us, somewhat reluctantly, into action. Tackle any potential fitness slump by motivating your whole family to get involved.

Long walks, bike rides, geo-caching, scooting or skating and short runs are inclusive activities that all family members can enjoy together. Also at this time of year, there is no end to offers from local fitness centres and sports clubs vying for a piece of the lucrative fitness market. For more information go to



Give up smoking

New Year is a great time to stub out that last cigarette for good.

There’s plenty of support and advice on the web at Just think of all that extra cash that you will save too!



Learn something new or take up a hobby

Being a parent, often involves sidelining one’s interests to accommodate that of the children. So, give yourself something back in 2018.

Learn a foreign language or musical instrument, train up for that 5K charity run, learn how to conquer your fear of flying - yes, the sky’s the limit.

If you’re interested in starting a new course in a vocational subject look at or for something more academic go to



Spend more time with loved ones

Family and friends always come first, but how much quality time do we spend with them?

Re-establish routine such as eating dinner together as a family, planning day trips with the kids and visiting elderly relatives. It goes without saying that it’ll be worth the effort.



It’s time for me to manage time more effectively

Sometimes it seems you need more than 24 hours in a day.

Good time management is based on being organised - and that means writing lists of things to do, delegating roles and fitting in time to simply stop and relax.



Resolutions for Children

If mum and dad are going to make changes, shouldn’t the children too? Here are some worthy ideas for the younger generation:


Life Beyond New Year

Remember a resolution isn’t just for the New Year. Make your change by taking one step at a time - all year round.









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