Win a copy of Hainan Gibbon (Extinct - The Story of Life on Earth)

Closing Date: 30th June 2022

TV scientist Ben Garrod presents the biggest extinction events ever, told from the point of view of evolution's superstars, the most incredible animals ever to swim, stalk, slither or walk our planet. 

Can we make the Hainan gibbon a super-survivor? It's one of our closest living relatives and among the most endangered animals on our planet. Can we change our role in the story of life, from being super-careless to being super-savers and do what we can to help our most interesting, incredible and important species from going extinct? The future depends on us.

Here are the superstars of the story of life, from the super-weird to the super-ferocious. Usually a species has 10 million years or so of evolving, eating, chasing, playing, maybe doing homework, or even going to the moon before it goes extinct.

Collect all eight books about animals we have lost in mass extinctions caused by asteroids or mega-volcanoes, clashing continents and climate change.

Hainan Gibbon (Extinct - The Story of Life on Earth) is published by Zephyr | RRP £14.99

We are giving away 3 copies of Hainan Gibbon (Extinct - The Story of Life on Earth). For your chance to win, simply answer the following question:

How many Hainan gibbons are left in the world?

a) Around 30

b) Around 300

c) Around 3,000

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