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Closing Date: 31st October 2020

This autumn, DK publishes two new titles in The Secret Explorers series. Young readers are invited to join a team of curious kids whilst learning all about interesting non-fiction topics through the exciting narratives.

In The Secret Explorers and the Tomb Robbers, history expert Gustavo and engineering expert Kiki are tasked with stopping the Cairo Museum from closing down. They travel back in time to Ancient Egypt and are soon drawn into a tense, thrilling adventure that involves breaking into pyramids, learning ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and stopping thieves wanting to rob treasure from the Pharaoh’s tomb. Throughout the mission, young readers will learn facts about the real-life Pharaoh Khufu and his treasures, ancient Egyptian religion, and how mummies were made.

In The Secret Explorers and the Jurassic Rescue, dinosaur expert Tamiko and geology expert Cheng travel back to the age of the dinosaurs in an effort to rescue a dinosaur egg from destruction. However, to save the egg, the Secret Explorers must first use all their courage and skills to outsmart a fierce Allosaurus, rescue a baby Stegosaurus, and find a way to attract an Archaeopteryx. Tamiko and Cheng soon find that, to succeed, they need to come up with some unusual solutions. Packed with facts about dinosaurs, fossils, and more, this thrilling adventure is perfect for budding paleontologists.

The Secret Explorers and the Tomb Robbers and The Secret Explorers and the Jurassic Rescue are both published by DK Publishing | RRP £5.99 each. Other titles in the series are The Secret Explorers and the Lost Whales The Secret Explorers and the Comet Collision.

We are giving 5 lucky entrants the chance to win copies of The Secret Explorers and the Tomb Robbers and The Secret Explorers and the Jurassic Rescue. For your chance to win, simply answer the following question:

How old is King Tutankhamun's mummy?

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