Win a fantastic Paper Plane Launcher! 

Closing Date: 10th August 2020

We’ve teamed up with eco-friendly toy brand Build Your Own to offer 1 lucky winner the chance to win a fantastic Paper Plane Launcher!  The 47-piece kit contains everything you need to slot together and build this impressive Paper Plane Launcher. Simply press out the parts of heavy-duty cardboard, follow the instructions to attach the elastic bands for the twin propulsion system, and you are ready to go! Watch your paper planes fl y high into the skies and have fun experiment-ing with the 10 different fold ‘n’ fl y planes. Which will fly the furthest? Which will be the fastest? Which will carry off  a loop-the-loop?

Enter your best drawing of your own plane for a chance to win the Build Your Own Plane Launcher. The Build Your Own Plane Launcher and Build Your Own range are suitable for ages 8 to 100!

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