WIN The Ultimate Excuse Generator!

Closing Date: 28th September 2019

Over 100 million excellent excuses!

In need of a new excuse? Teacher growing tired of “the dog ate my


How about trying ‘I was late for school because an evil robotic

scout leader bowed deeply and then was violently sick in my

pocket’? Or ‘I didn’t make my bed because a hula-hooping spudwrangler

landed using a jetpack and wanted a selfie’?



Mike Barfield




Ages 6+




This fabulously fun flipbook allows you to generate over 100 million

excellent excuses for all occasions. Wacky, zany, and sometimes                                                                            

plain silly, this book will ensure you’ll always have the right answer

for anything!


Available at


The Ultimate Excuse Generator by Mike Barfield and published

by Laurence King in September 2019 is a flipbook of creative and

hilarious excuses.


Mike Barfield is a comic writer,

cartoonist, poet, and performer with

25 years’ experience. He has worked

in TV, radio, books, newspapers, and

magazines. He performs in schools,

libraries, bookshops, and festivals all

over the UK, often dressed as a giant





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Over how many million excuses does this book allow you to make?

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