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Closing Date: 28th September 2019

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Nick Hoberman, illustrations by Hiromi Suzuki


Art Out of the Box features 80 cards that provide everything players need for hours of creative drawing fun. Simply pick your subject card, add a technique card and combine them to reinvent the world using only your imagination!

Take an ant’s view and focus on drawing a small area of your subject in detail, or supersize your drawing of a dinosaur going shopping.

Combine the zany subject and madcap art technique cards and use them again and again, for hundreds of imaginative drawing adventures!

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Art Out of the Box, by Nick Hoberman, illustrated by Hiromi Suzuki and published by Laurence King in September 2019 is a beautifully illustrated drawing game with prompts for inspiration.

Nicky Hoberman is an artist who lives and works in London.

Illustrator Hiromi Suzuki is a graphic designer and illustrator, originally from Japan and now based in San Francisco.


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