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Closing Date: 31st July 2019

Stay cool and look cool with Reima Xylitol Cool

Reima’s brand new fabric that gives a cooling effect during physical activity


Do kids really need cooling clothes?

On hot days and during exercise, excess body heat causes sweating. Sweating is our own cooling system, and to keep it working, it is important to drink enough water. But sometimes this is not enough. Wearing less clothes helps, as sweat can evaporate better, but taking off all clothes is seldom possible, and would expose more skin to the sun, too. In extreme heat and during vigorous physical activity, additional cooling can be obtained via special sportswear.


Cool to the touch – and more

The cooling sensation in Reima’s Xylitol Cool collection will keep kids feeling cool and fresh during summer activities. It is more than just a sensation: body moisture activates the finish after approx. 10 minutes of wear, and causes the finish to start absorbing heat. The temperature drop on the skin can be between 1 - 3 degrees Celcius (1.8 – 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit). This is a safe way to make kids feel more comfortable, and will help them enjoy their favourite activities all summer long!


Safe tech: from sweets to tees

Named after the Finnish innovation Xylitol, Reima Xylitol Cool fabric gets its cooling effect from Xylitol and Erythritol. These natural compounds can be found in plants. Because they taste sweet but contain less calories than sugar, they are used as artificial sweeteners. In clothes, they are perfectly safe and harmless, creating a noticeable cooling effect, which will last for at least 20 washes.


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