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Closing Date: 31st January 2019

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Silly Monkeys is a brand new card game which aims to teach four to seven year olds critical concepts about money.

Silly Monkeys is a brand new card game which aims to teach four to seven-year-olds critical concepts about money. Invented by financial education campaigner Rob Gardner after he couldn't find a game that taught his daughters basic money concepts, the aim of Silly Monkeys is to be the ‘squirrel’ which saves more ‘acorn’ cards than your opponents and avoid the Silly Monkeys that encourage you to eat all your acorns at once! The acorns represent real money that kids may earn or receive as an allowance or a gift. It introduces children to the concept of finances and saving from a young age by helping players learn that if they work hard and save their acorns as they go along, they will always have a supply of resources available when they need them most.

You can purchase Silly Monkeys here:

30% of each sale is donated to RedSTART, the UK charity dedicated to financial education among primary school children | RRP £5.00


We are giving away 10 Silly Monkeys card games.
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What do the Silly Monkeys encourage you to eat?

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